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Motivaion Letter - TalTech

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I believed in the beauty of digital technology and confirmed that it can bring well-being to human.

But I found the “ruling class” could not entirely understood nowadays technology methods. So I resigned and made decision to resume studying and pursue dilemmatic subjects.

It has always been my favorite job to work as a consultant of technology, as the last job I worked for Hikvision and engaged in surveillance solution engineering, (Actually there were some diviation from my desire). For another, serving the nonprofit organization has a high status in my mind and I don't think completely commercial driven activities contribute a lot to the real regional peace and equality of human rights.

I found that there would be a long term intership period after first session, I suppose that the “special curriculum” could force me to pursue the shortcut of technological governance in a better way.

During the period I apply for program in Tallinn University of Technology, the coronavirus disease has been outbreaking.This event forced us stay at home for 2 months which allowed me consider three issues in China :

  • Health Code
  • Video Surveillance
  • Great Fire Wall

The first time health code appears, individuals who exposed to the opaque algorithm often experienced confusion and weakness while we enjoy related convenience.[1] Otherwise, absolutely “cyber power” dilute people’s self-examination in an unconventional way, the national health code became the only method to divide citizens into “HEALTH” or “SUSPICIOUS” .

Note: “Health Code” is a self-certification approach built by Alibaba which consist of three colors. People who need to commute in urban area must show up this digital code.

Compared with the previous "one-size-fits-all" management, the code seems to provide a more scientific method. EU’s GDPR have detailed guidelines for us, “The data subject shall have the right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing.”[2]

In addition to the polarized evaluation of the public, people and information are combined into one by those technology giant.

A similar scene also appeared in the video surveillance industry where I worked for.

I was employed by the Hikvision and provided surveillance, big data analysis and related services for government. I heard the slogan of "technology replace human, digital gover affairs" preached by users (polices). There are three questions for above phenomenon:

(1) Is video surveillance truly accepted by citizens and government?
I thought the endless violation of personal privacy may cause discomfort to a small number of Chinese. But after providing services to those government agencies, I found that citizens and servants have their own standpoint on the densely equipped cameras.

(2) Is the police system really connected to the medical system?
We declared that we were going to launch war against the coronavirus. In fact, we defeated from the beginning. This incident involve a great issue that the disconnection of the police department-based clerical system and the medical services-based public health system in this epidemic[3].

(3) How to build people’s trust in “digital governance”?
It’s really crucial to legislate regulation regardless of the technology supremacists, ordinary people or people who strongly resist digital society, regulations would be sedatives and stimulants.

GDPR set a positive role model, “No personal data may be processed unless this processing is done under one of six lawful bases specified by the regulation. [4] ”

The subject matter I’m going to research is exactly related with above two contents: The Great Fire Wall (GFW).

In response to this topic, list the groups with close to GFW relations, and then carry out further research from their perspective:

(1) The Designer. We can study the original intention of building and maintaining the GFW from the positions and purposes of these makers.

(2) The Constructor. This is the group most vulnerable to criticism other than top-level designers. As the substantial builders of GFW, it has multiple roles of "victim" and "beneficiary". We are able to analyze this highly literate group with the birth of the firewall, what is their attitude towards GFW.

(3) The Breaker. This part of people is developing at a fast speed, they created methods to bypass the GFW from defender to attacker. This is also accompanied by the booming development of Internet technology.

(4) The Immuner. Such members of society are occasionally interfered by GFW in the daily life but can be restored in a short period.

GFW is interdisciplinary. Politics is inevitable but the revolution of technology and historic develop should play the most substantial role in thesis . GFW parasitize on the rapid iteration of high-performance servers and accompanied by Google's exodus from China.

The purpose I study GFW is to find what he brought to world and what valuables he destroyed. The research path can follow the above "economic, political, and technological" line. It's necessarily involves knowledge in the fields of human science (Cyberspace) and social science, but I can't cover these areas yet.

How I handled setbacks?

I devoted myself to researching blockchain technology in first postgraduate semester. In order to promote the speed of absorbing knowledge, I signed up to participate in the innovation forum on campus. From topic selection to final debate in one go, I still remember the topic "RFID and Universal Blockchain Technology in Container Ports". Sadly I got the last place in third prize.

After the competition, I pulled the friends who were "blockchain researchers" and took a walk together. We talked about the ubiquitous use of Bitcoin in the future and how blockchain change the logistic industry that night. Then we set up a team and decided to join the Shanghai Smart City Competition.

I absorbed the empirical feedback from last failure and set precise tasks for our team, the most crucial decision made by us was to choose "Coldchain Transport" as the main topic. Finally we gained second prize and enter into the national finals. After that, I found it make no sense without communication and discussion, open thinking and persistence with my teammates during the "fight".

[1] "Green for Freedom.." by Wang Yao
[2] "GDPR-Automated individual decision-making, including profiling" by European Parliament and Council of the EU
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